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Fuji FinePix 3800:
List price: $449.95/Fuji's website

Also see a review at Steve's Digital Camara Review

The 3800 is a "point and shoot" 3.2 Megapixel digital camera. Some of the features include four different shooting modes. Manual, Scene Position, Auto And Video w/sound. An EVF (Electronic View Finder) and LCD display are also included. On board flash w/ variable flash strength in Manual mode and Lens Adapter tube for 55mm lens are a nice touch. There are way too many features for me to list here.

What I'd like to do is give you a more subjective review of this camera. Please click on the above link for a more technical review of the 3800.

I've used this camera for about a month now and have found it's ease of operation and quality of picture to be very good. It suffers some what for low light operations. The EVF has a hard time displaying images in low light levels. An alternate source of light works very well when operating in these conditions. It does offer a setting for night pictures in the Scene Position mode. I've played with this a little and while the EVF wasn't bright enough for display of the target, the camera did pretty good in capturing the shot. A note: A tripod is a must for "night" shots!!

The options selection for each mode is accessed thru buttons on the back of the camera and is displayed in the EVF. This works well for me. I can select options with out removing my eye from the subject.

The style of the camera body is one of the major reasons I purchased this camera. It's "handle" on the right side fits my hand pretty well and has been a great plus in reducing "camera shake". The feel of the camera in my hands is solid and stable. I know I'm holding a camera and not a box. A problem I've had with my HP215 is the fatigue I get with the "box" style shape.

As a novice photographer, I've been very happy with this camera. While it is some what limited in it's manual focus abilities it's point and shoot style is very good.

For a novice or beginner this is a good camera. I feel that it's at the upper end of the "Point and Shoot" type of cameras and a person who would buy this would be some one who is not too worried about exact photography. It's a fun camera to have.

Please check the links above for more features available with this camera. I've only lightly touched on features here. I've only given a subjective review of the 3800.

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