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There are two ways to best play a Heavy Weapon character - Defense and Offense.

Defense: Place yourself in the most heavily attacked areas, usually with a medic for backup. You will become a human "blockade," in essence. Keep up the fire, only stopping to get health/armor/ammo.

Offense: Use yourself as a human shield for scouts and soldiers. Let them stay behind you as you pound fire into any opponent you see. Once inside the opponent's base, park yourself outside of the opponent's spawn room(if you're cheap), or remain in the flag room to keep the flag accessible for teammates once they capture.

General Tips: You move slow, EXTREMELY slow, when firing. Make sure you have your back covered when firing, lest a lucky shot kill you from behind.

Grenades are your friend. Prime and throw while firing in heavy combat. If the machine gun doesn't tear them apart, your grenades will.

Support Sentry Guns. If you put just as much fire on attackers as they do, the guns will stay intact longer, and give your Engineers time to repair them.

I hope this helps you out! :)

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