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The Westell is actually a router and by default blocks ports using NAT so some popular VPN applications may not work correctly. Other VPNs require a specific IP address be assigned to the computer. Therefore changes must be made to the Westell to either open certain ports, assign a WAN IP to a specific computer, or use a separate PPPoE client directly on the computer.

To enable port forwarding and open ports on the Westell please click here.

For port forwarding with a Linksys router, see this: Linksys Knowledge Base

To enable IP Passthrough and assign a WAN IP to a specific computer please click here.

Install a third party PPPoE client (such as the BellSouth Connection Agent, Enternet 300, RasPPPoE, or the native PPPoE client on Windows XP) on the computer and enable bridged mode on the Westell as shown here.

Important note: Opening ports, using IP Passthrough, or a PPPoE client on the computer exposes your computer directly to the Internet. A firewall of some type is highly recommended. If you are having other connection or timeout problems with your VPN please click here.

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