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I have been watching the SonyEricsson line very closely knowing they are the only company that would be able to pull me away from my Nokia 3650, and they happened to release a phone that did just that, the SonyEricsson T616, which is the American GSM 850/1800/1900 version of the T610 GSM 900/1800/1900. I would like to say thank you Cingular for offering such a nice phone for so cheap and unlocked :)

The SonyEricsson T616 is everything the T68i was and more:

-Phone in general: Although it may look a little ugly on the computer screen it is actually a very nice looking phone, and around the same size as the T68i. It has to be the sturdiest phone I have held in my hand and I have used a lot of phones. The outside casing for much of the phone is Aluminum, and very sturdy plastic around the screen and built-in camera. The sides by the action buttons for adjusting the volume, activating the camera and the Internet are actually slightly channeled making it very comfortable to hold while talking as your fingers fit right into the channels.

-Screen: The Screen is excellent at 64K and a very nice large size for such a small phone; it can be somewhat difficult to read in direct sunlight as most color cellphone screens can

-Camera: An emerging trend among cellular phones and something very handy to have. The picture quality is decent, not as clear as my Nokia 3650, but around on par with the MCA-25 camera attachment for the T68i. Here is a link to checkout photos taken with the T610/6 »www.howardforums.com/showthread.···d=160404

-Keypad: Standard layout, very easy to use. Accompanied by 2 menu buttons, a return to previous screen button, a clear button, and also a 5-way joystick.

-Ringtones: Out of all the polyphonic phones I have ever heard/used this thing is LOUD and CLEAR, The T616 uses 32 cords for playing polyphonic ringtones.

-Memory: The phone has a small amount of memory for applications, games, images and ringtones around 2MB, but with various carriers customizations you will see less

-Reception: This is an issue with all SonyEricsson phones, one thing for people to understand is SonyEricsson phones show rf(reception) in real-time; meaning what your signal is while you are looking at the gauge is what it is. Nokia, Motorola and other manufactures actually take the average of the rf and display it, which is why often times even when I had 1-2 bars on my previous Nokias I couldnt place a call, but while on my T616 I can.

-Applications/Games: Both Java and mophun applications can be installed. Comes installed with a few fun little games.

-Bluetooth: Probably the most demanded feature on new phones, it is the most convenient form of file transfer to and from my phone I have ever used. It makes syncing contacts, calendar, etc. as easy as pressing a button. Having a Bluetooth headset is something you just have to experience. There is also this little application called Salling Clicker which allows you to have complete control of your Mac via the phone via Bluetooth :D.

-Overall: Out of all the phones I have had in the past year this little thing is my favorite, it is very classy looking, durable, excellent color screen, 32 cord polyphonic ringtones, Java, Camera, and Bluetooth make it a phone to be much desired. If you are in the market for a new phone definitely check it out, AT&T and Cingular both will be carrying the T616, and T-Mobile will have the T610.

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