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You will get an email from Bellsouth upon completion of the Multiple Static IP setup on their end. It will look similar to the following:

    DSL Phone Number: 1234567890
    Order Number: 123456

    Welcome to BellSouth (Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off.) FastAccess (Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off.) Static IP Service! Your order has been completed. Please note your new Static IP address(s) listed below: - Subnet Address - Used for routing tables ONLY. NOT ASSIGNABLE to a device on the network. - Must be assigned to Router Interface (see router programming instructions at »help.bellsouth.net/bellsouth/asp···8319f358 - First user-assignable address in subnet. Can be used for a PC on the network. - Second user-assignable address in subnet. Can be used for a PC on the network. - Third user-assignable address in subnet. Can be used for a PC on the network. - Fourth user-assignable address in subnet. Can be used for a PC on the network. - Fifth user-assignable address in subnet. Can be used for a PC on the network. - Broadcast Address for subnet. NOT ASSIGNABLE to a device on the network.

    The instructions at »help.bellsouth.net/bellsouth/asp···8319f358 will guide you through the process of configuring your system for Static IP addressing. Note that your PPP login must be changed to reflect a username@bellsouth.net format. If you have a router, it must be programmed for your new static IP address(es). Please configure your system for Static IP right away to take advantage of your new service.
    We have made every effort to ensure continuous service during the transition process, but should your BellSouth FastAccess DSL service become temporarily unavailable, please use your back-up dial account. If you need assistance configuring your system, please contact BellSouth's technical support team for static IP at 1-866-250-5431.

    For more information about your Static IP service, including Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Practices, configuration information, and support information, go to »help.bellsouth.net/bellsouth/asp···f02d08a1

    Thank you for choosing BellSouth, and enjoy your new service!

    BellSouth Internet Services

*The above setup is only if you wish to have 5 or less computers with internet access.
The following explains how to setup your 5 public IPs while still utilizing NAT to have more machines
behind the router.

Step 1.
You must change your username to username@bellsouth.net, if it is not already set that way.

To do this, go to Configure > WAN and click on PPP over Ethernet vcc1.

Add the @bellsouth.net to the end of your username.

Be sure to Click Submit.

Step 2.
You have now configured your Cayman Router for use with a single BellSouth FastAccess Static IP.
If you have the multiple Static IP option, continue on with Step 3. to use the rest of your Static IP's.
Otherwise, click the Yellow triangle in the upper right corner.
Choose Save and Restart. Once your Cayman has rebooted, you are ready to surf.

Step 3.
To use your five assigned public Static IPs, you must setup an IPMap for each one
pointing to the desired internal machine. To do so, click Advanced on the left side of the screen.
Then click on IPMaps.

Click Add IPMap.

The map entry name can be anything you choose.
The internal IP should be the IP of the internal machine to have
this public IP.
The external IP is
Click Submit.

For each additional Static IP you wish to setup, click Add more IP Maps.
Each IPMap MUST have a different name, internal and
external IP Address. You must click Submit after each IPMap.
When you have entered all IPMaps, click the Yellow Triangle in the
upper right corner.

You may get a warning about the IPMap may not be on your external network,
do not worry about this, as it is just an information statement to
make sure you have the correct IP. If you see validation passed, click
Save and Restart.


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