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List price: $1699 / Nikon USA

Also see a review at dpreview.

The D100 is a "prosumer" 6.1 Megapixel digital SLR based on Nikon's F80 body. Some of the features include Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual, and various programs modes. There are three color modes including daylight, tungsten, and flash, as well as auto white balance and custom white balance.

The D100 accepts most of Nikon's standard Auto Focus lenses and other accessories. An optional grip adds a vertical shutter, sound capabilities and allows the user to load a second battery pack. The camera has an LCD display and pop up flash. Optional Nikon Speedlights designed for digital cameras are also available.

The basic D100 package includes a Quick Start Guide and users manual, in Spanish and English, a video cable, body cap, USB cable, one battery pack (with cap), battery charger, clear plastic LCD cap, strap. and Nikon View software on CD. Also included is a 30 day trial version of Nikon Capture which allows you to work in Nikon's raw NEF files, tether the camera directly to your computer, and download custom settings. Lenses and compact flash cards are not included.

Upgrading from a traditional N90s took was a considerable learning curve and I spent the first couple of days just going through the 200 page users guide and getting accustomed to the software. Not only does the D100 have numerous digital options. but many of the standard camera functions are located in different areas and controlled in different ways. For example, lenses used on the D100 must be set at the smallest aperture, and the aperture is controlled by the camera. When shooting in Aperture Priority Mode the aperture is controlled by the "Sub Command" dial located in front of the shutter button, rather than the lens ring.

I've used this camera for about a week now and the picture quality of picture is excellent. However, the D100 is known to underexpose a bit so some of the settings may need to be tweaked, either with exposure compensation, custom curves, or in PhotoShop. Images shot at 1600 ISO have less noise than expected and the camera showed essentially no lag time between pressing the shutter and actuation. Shooting in fine mode with large 3000 pixel wide images, I wa able to capture about 75 eighteen magabyte files at 200 ISO images on a 256mb compact flash card.

Overall the D100 is smaller than the N90s and other traditional SLRs. It's a wonderful camera for experienced photographers who are eager to tackle the learning curve. Those who are happiest grabbing a camera and shooting right out of the box might prefer one of the point-and-shoot alternatives.

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