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Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I changed the server setting on my iTouch and it still tells me there is an error. Are there different setting for mobile mail retrieval?

    2011-06-11 14:29:27

  • http://ph.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090714054608AAgtrEz&r=w&pa=AptqD2bwHTHc6.CPZ6c1tmWSXPXhCQNU3KtD893AUuZGHg--&paid=voted POP3 settings POP3 is a way to receive the e-mail messages in your Hotmail Inbox on other devices or services (for example, on your mobile phone, in an e-mail program on your computer, or in a different e-mail service). You donít need to change any Hotmail settings, but the mobile phone, e-mail program, or service may need you to enter your Hotmail POP3 settings when you're adding your Hotmail account. Hotmail POP3 settings: Field Value Incoming POP server pop3.live.com Incoming POP mail port 995 POP SSL required Yes User name Your Windows Live ID (for example: example555@hotmail.com) password The password you use to sign in to Hotmail Outgoing SMTP server smtp.live.com Outgoing SMTP mail port 25 or 587 Authentication required Yes (your Windows Live ID and password) TLS/SSL required Yes (select TLS if available, if not select SSL) It worked, finally , for my msn account in OE,

    2009-09-02 03:28:36

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