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Because of the way DHCP works, it is possible to change your IP address by changing your MAC (media access control) address. Most routers have a MAC clone function which is useful for letting customers whos ISP registers them by the modem, input a NICs MAC in the router. Keep in mind that after changing the MAC in your router, you will need to restart your modem to clear its CPE MAC Address table.

Most NICs also offer a MAC cloning function similar to that of a router that can be accessed through device manager: >Your NIC->Properties->Advanced->Locally Administered Address. Change the value to a 12 digit long hexadecimal code and restart your computer.
Some NICs won't let you change the MAC. In such a case, see the following: » ··· _w2k.htm
This link has some very useful information; including a program that can allegedly change the MAC: regardless of whether manufacturers allow this option or not.

*This FAQ is based on user knowledge from a volunteer core of BroadbandReports' members. This FAQ in no way constitutes official information from Comcast or any of its affiliates.

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  • A DHCP release/renew could issue you a new IP address too..

    2014-11-01 12:01:42

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