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To get started, download Alcatool.
This program simplifies obtaining the Expert code and issuing the telnet commands to convert a standard STH to an STH Pro.

STEP 1 - Setup communications with the modem
Unplug the phone line from the modem, and connect a PC directly to the modem with a standard CAT5 Ethernet patch cable.

Assign a static IP to the NIC in the PC:

Gateway: Leave blank
DNS: Leave blank or disabled

Reboot the PC.
STEP 2 - Acces the modem with Alcatool
Unzip Alcatool into a temp folder and run it.
Erase speedtouch.lan from the Address box and enter
If no password has been defined, leave the Password box empty and click the Connect button.
STEP 3 - Alcatool console commands
At the main Alcatool SpeedTouch window, click the Console button in the lower right corner. On the box that pops up, click the Obtain code button.
Alcatool will issue a disclaimer warning about using the Expert mode.
Click I Agree, Alcatool will automatically determine the code and paste it in the box.
Click the OK button.

At the bottom of the console window in the command line type:

rip (enter)

drv_read 2 1 b (enter)

Most STH modems report the following in the upper window:
the data in hex is : 8604

Some report a different number, but the last number is always 4

In this example to convert the modem to a Pro, change the last number to 6
drv_write 2 1 b 8606 (enter)

To convert back to a regular STH:
drv_write 2 1 b 8604 (enter)

After the appropriate drv_write command has been issued, type:
exit (enter)
system (enter)
reboot (enter)
(Close the Alcatool program)

The modem should reboot, and now be a full-featured SpeedTouch Pro.

If the modem's firmware is below .270, check here:
»AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ »How do I upgrade the firmware on an Alcatel SpeedTouch Home?

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last modified: 2005-01-18 23:51:59