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By going to this page you can customize the way the site displays the forums for you:

You may change the number of Topic/Posts displayed per page. The default is 20, but you may change it to 30, 50 or 100 posts/topics per page.

Depending on your capabilities, you may also change how many days worth of topics are displayed in each forum.

By checking the box next to "Show no smiles," the view of site emoticons will be disabled. By checking the box next to "Show no trinkets," the view of club spinners will be disabled.

To change the default forum view (nesting of posts and replies) you can change from flat, text, nest or closed:

And finally on this page you can change the default mouseover behavior for topics in the forum listing. Enabling this causes a small box with a preview of the topic text to appear when you hover your mouse over a link:

You may also change the default color theme that is displayed on this page. To preview a theme (no changes are made until you apply them) simply click on a theme in the list on the left:

When you've found a theme you'd like to use site-wide, simply click on the "Pick this theme" button on the top right:

And that's it!

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