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    This works with GPRS connections with AT&T mMode and T-Mobile T-Zones. It may work with your GPRS service, just give it a shot and let us know so we can add it here.

    You must have OSX and a working Bluetooth connection with your phone before starting this procedure.

    Enter the following things into the Network Preference pane in Control Panels. Select Bluetooth Modem Adapter in Network Port Configurations drop down menu.

    Under TCP/IP have Using PPP selected and everything else blank.

    Under PPP leave account name and password blank and use *99# as the Telephone Number.

    Leave Proxies blank.

    Under Bluetooth Modem, select Nokia iR 6210 _ 8xxx. Deselect "Wait for dial done before dialing", and leave everything else checked.

    Use the Internet Connect application to connect to the network using the USB Bluetooth Modem Adapter configuration.

    For AT&T mMode GPRS connections, leave the password blank and when it asks for one, just hit OK.

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