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Of course. :)

Your Site account

-This you create with your own GAME NAME and password.

-You create an account to see some members only stuff, and get to the forums.
With out a site account you can do little within the site but read up on news.

Your VWAR profile

- This is created by a site ADMIN for you.

- You have to be added by an ADMIN here so we can add you to the Ranger Roster,
and assign you to Squads and Platoons.

- You have to have an account in VWAR to join matches on the Battle Schedules.

- Yourlog in name is your GAME NAME and your password is your GAME NAME with out the [BBR] tag, leaving the first "_" underscore after a "t", but removing the "_T" from your game name.

- When you loose the "T" in your game name, your VWAR name is changed to match your GAME NAME, your password stays the same.

- So, if a member's game name is [BBR]_JustinIsTheBest. The username would be [BBR]_JustinIsTheBest and the password would be JustinIsTheBest.

This helps get people added to the Ranger Roster correctly.

Ranger Roster

This can only be created and changed by ADMINS of the site.

The information used to add a player is collected from additions to the aaotracker page for our clan.

In order to be added to the Ranger Roster YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE AN ACCOUNT TO THE SITE.

You DO need to be added as a player in the VWAR section, by an ADMIN.

So, in short, the site has 2 separate log ins: One for the site, one for VWAR. Integration of the two is currently underway, however, it will be a while as the process is long and difficult. When complete, you will only need ONE log in.
Drafted by jmplep here (Ranger only link).

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