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  • When posting a request for help what guidelines should I follow?
    •Make the subject title indicative of the problem, including the OS you are using.
    •If it is an MS product other than an Operating System, list the Product Name and Version.
    •Include all error messages that are appearing - verbatim.
    •If a device is causing the problem, be as specific as possible on the Manufacturer and model number. If there is an error under Device Manager, include any messages, error codes, etc., that may be listed.
    •Indicate what, if any, changes were made that may have led up to the problem.
    • Any new software or hardware added?

    • Any mass deleting done?

    • Any modifications to system files, registry, etc?

  • And finally, when your problem is resolved, let everyone know!!! Many people put a lot of time and effort into helping you. Let them know what suggestions worked.

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