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There are three ways to get online with your dial-up account.

1. Install the software off the CD:
If you ran through the full installer then there should already be an icon on your desktop that says SBC Yahoo! Dial. If not then from the CD run (with x being your CD drive) x:\setup\yahoo\cm\setup.exe This will install the program and place that on your desktop.

2. Download » ··· lreg.exe. Run through it and when it asks which software to download make sure there is a check in Dial Connection Manager and then Next. The dial connection manager will now be downloaded and installed on your computer. *NOTE* If you are not migrated to Yahoo! this process will migrate your account.

3. Setup a native OS dialer:
Windows 95/98/ME-
Open dial-up Network. For 95/98 it's in my computer and ME it's in Control Panel. Click on Make New Connection. Give it any name you want then next. Type in the phone number then next. Click on finish. Open the connection and type in your username and password.

Windows 2000-
Go to Control Panel->Network and Dial Up Connections->Make New Connection. Choose options Dial-Up to the Internet, next. I want to set up my Internet connection manually, next. I connect through a phone Line and a modem, next. Put in your access number, next. Type in your username and password, next. Name it whatever you want, next. No, next. Finish.

Windows NT-
Open Dial-up Networking from My Computer. Click on new button to create Dial-up Networking. Type in a name for your connection, next. Click on the first two-checklist box, next. Type in your access number, next. Finish. Open the connection and type in your username and password.

Windows XP-
From Control Panel (in classic view) open up Network Connections. Click on create a new connection. Choose next. Connect to the Internet, next. Set up my connection manually, next. Connect using a Dial Up modem, next. Type in a name for your connection, next. Type in your access number, next. Type in your username and password. Take a check out of the second and third box, next. Put a check in the box and finish. On your desktop you should see your new connection.

Mac OS9-
Open Open the Remote Access control panel. Click the radio button for Registered User. Type the user name, password, and phone number into the corresponding fields. If you want your password to be saved so that you do not have to enter it at each connection, select the check box for "Save password". Go to the TCP/IP control panel and choose PPP from Connect via and either PPP or Manually from Configure.

Mac OSX-
Open System Preferences and click on Network. From Location select New Location and give it a name. From the Show menu select Modem Port. Under the TCP/IP tab put Using PPP in the Configure menu. In the PPP tab type in your access number, username, and password. Now select Connect from the menu bar.

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