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Recently, a couple of questions have come up about Folding At Home and the new Hyperthreading technology available with the Intel processors.

Q.1. F@H only registers 50% on my CPU usage meter. Can I make it use 100%?

A.1. You can turn off the Hyperthreading, but this apparently makes little to no difference to the frame time. Don't ask me why - it's too horribly complex to answer!

Q.2. OK, so if I'm going to use Hyperthreading, what can I do to make sure I'm utilizing (see I can spell American!) all of my CPU's potential?

A.2. The best way is to run two instances of the F@H client. This is particularly easy to do. Just follow FAQ 3015 How do I setup multiple FAH clients on the same machine? and you'll be folding to maximum potential in no time!

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