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Basically some people don't want to use the addhostmapping command as shown here. There are a number of valid reasons for this such as running servers that require ip verification, to VPN. Either way if you want to assign that static IP's directly to the machine all you have to do is follow this setup.

Note: I still recommend that you use addhostmapping unless you have no other choice, because that method still allows you to have as many NAT computers on your lan as you want (up to 18 by default). Where as this method only allows 5 computers max.

Ok, so what do you do? Basically you remove NAT, remove the default DHCP ip pool, change your Eth IP and thats it.

So here is the block we are working with:
xxx.xxx.xxx.104 Network (not useable)
xxx.xxx.xxx.105 Free
xxx.xxx.xxx.106 Free
xxx.xxx.xxx.107 Free
xxx.xxx.xxx.108 Free
xxx.xxx.xxx.109 Free
xxx.xxx.xxx.110 Router Wan port
xxx.xxx.xxx.111 Broadcast (not usable)

dhcp del
(removes current block)
dhcp set mask xxx.xxx.xxx.104
dhcp set add xxx.xxx.xxx.105 xxx.xxx.xxx.109
eth ip addr xxx.xxx.xxx.110
eth ip mgmt xxx.1xxx.xxx.110
rem setiptranslate off internet

Voila! Easy as pie.

Courtesy of Dennis See Profile posted in the forum here.

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