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how-to block ads

You have had what many refer to as a Browser Hijacking where some of your browser settings have been altered by malicious web sites and\or software. Some of the effects one may see are changes in their search pages, home page or some of their Internet Options have been removed from the tools menu. Hopefully by visiting the links below you will eventually have your settings back to at least their default state. You should also have a better understanding of how this is being done and ways to help prevent the changes being made in the future.

Spyware and Adware F.A.Q.

Also....these an many other security related issues are being discussed in our BBR\DSLR.... Security Forum

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • To whom it may concern, The "Browser Hijacking" hyperlink contained in this FAQ is no longer valid for the Spywareinfo site it was initially intended for. The "Browser Hijacking" link takes you to a Spywareinfo site that is known to be malicious in nature. Regards, Bubba

    2010-11-13 17:11:39 (Bubba See Profile)

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