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If you've received a TX21 code you might be able to re-acquire signal by running the auto cross-pol test.
DO NOT run this test for fun! You can easily turn a working system into a disabled system by running this test and failing. If you can't pass the test, you'll need an installer to repoint your dish. And by no means run this test when weather is an issue at your location, or at the NOC. Remember this should only be attempted as a last-gasp effort before calling technical support and getting an installer out to your location for a re-point.

Weather over the HNS NOC

These are the steps:

Start => Programs => Direcway => Antenna Pointing

click next

click OK

click next

Select Automatic => Start test

click Yes

click Exit

click Yes

Addendum to ACP FAQ entry.

Update: For users running software version (DAK_P11) with DW4000 adapters, these are the steps to follow:

Start => Programs => Direcway
right-click Antenna Pointing
select Properties
locate the Target line
put your cursor at the end of the line - immediately after the G (in the word "POINTING")
push the space bar once
type /manual

the Target line should now say:
C:\Program Files\DIRECWAY\BIN\websetup.exe" /POINTING /manual
(see image below)

click OK and try the Antenna Pointing utility now.

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