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Let me just start off by saying, I do not support filesharing of illegal files in any way. Now that that's out of the way ;)

    Limewire is a gnutella client which is open standard, and allows you to share all sorts of fun files, including the all popular MP3. Limewire can really be a piece of garbage and overwhelming at times.

    Acquisition is a gnutella client that uses code from limewire. It features all sorts of features like ultrapeers, multi-source downloads, and boasts a very nice user interface. It is essentially Limewire that looks and works better. Overall it is a very nice application that looks good and is easy to use.

    iSwipe is program that searches FTP, hotline, Napster, OpenNap, and Carracho servers. The idea is phenomenal. The program isn't ;) It can sometimes work, but this is rare, in my experiences.

    BitTorrent is based on an amazing idea....Upload as you download ;) BitTorrent has no built in search feature, or no special features...All it does is take a 128KB file that you can download from searching a website, and downloads it. It uploads what's already been downloaded at the same time. You never know who you're downloading/uploading to/from. I use this all the time for stuff like legal Pearl Jam concerts. Only problem with this program is, finding the websites to download the little 128KB file from...This involves a lot of googling, and sites that offer the little 128KB files frequently get shut down ;) I would definitely not recommend this program to the computer newbie ;)

    Direct Connect
    No, its not the Nextel thing. This is filesharing ;). "Unlike other impersonal, server-driven file-sharing networks, Direct Connect offers a community-oriented, open, user-controlled network. Moreover, Direct Connect's network architecture is built on a peer-to-peer foundation; users run, control, and maintain the network. Users are able to share any type of file - absolutely no restrictions. These files are easily viewed through a familiar organized windows-explorer interface. To conveniently access the plethora of files, advanced searching capabilities and filters are provided. All of these features are integrated into Direct Connect's unique communal file-sharing system." In the end, you can get a lot of awesome stuff off of Direct Connect, but it may sometimes require a lot of patience ;)

    eDonkey 2000
    Just another filesharing application ;) Personally, I hate this program, and I would be careful using it as people like the MPAA and RIAA are looking for people a lot through this protocol....

    While this is still in beta, this is my favorite Filesharing app :) It does Gnutella, OpenFT, and the all popular Fasttrack networks (Kazaa). It may be very buggy, but it works the best and will bring up exactly what you're looking for.

    HotFries See Profile' favorite!

Poisoned is probably my favorite program, followed by BitTorrent, Acquisiton, and DirectConnect. But remember people, there's ALWAYS NEWSGROUPS! ;)

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