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Road Runner "Residential" does not offer static IP addressing.

The most likely reasons for an IP change are:
    •Road Runner splits your node and you wind up in the part of the split which was assigned new IP addresses.
    •You don't turn your PC on for longer than the DHCP lease period (usually 3.5 days) AND someone new in your area signs on and grabs your IP. If you have a router, it will hold your IP rather than the PC.
    •You change your NIC.
    •You have a router and change the cloned NIC MAC address to another MAC address.
Want a Static IP Address? You might want to look into DSL Service, they can provide Static IPs; and RoadRunner Business Class Service also provides Static IP Addresses as stated in this link here.

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last modified: 2005-10-14 20:30:13