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Well, who are these moderators, anyway? What's their interest here ... just guard dogs, are they?

Here is an excerpt from a post in one of the forums which quite eloquently describes one user's view of the site's moderators:

Actually moderators are moderators [not users] first. The most important [consideration] to a moderator should be the site, not what the members want. The moderator places the value of the site as a whole ahead of whatever individual nitpicky things a member wants. It is my belief that the moderators here are chosen not because they are buddy-buddy with other mods, not because they are really helpful, but because they are capable of putting the value of the site as a whole ahead of the value of the members, and [they] share the same vision for the site as the site creator. The members are not always going to like decisions made by the management. I know I always haven't. However, when the management makes these decisions, it is (or at least should be) because they believe that the decision will help make the site a better place to be. Basically, [they] improve the environment and try to make it as unintimidating and as friendly of a place to be as possible. Sometimes what the members want isn't always what is best for the site, and it is the job of the management to decide what is best for the site. We are allowed input via several forums, including this one, to help the management make their decisions. I'm not saying that the management is always going to be perfect, but rather they try to do what's best. Sometimes they screw up, sometimes something new doesn't work at first, but it works again later, but that doesn't make the management super evil people who are out to get you and screw us all. I think that they really do care, otherwise this thread wouldn't be here right now.

Said by Techie2000 in a post here.

I would quibble with this only slightly: Moderators here do care what the members want, especially when reasonable. However, this is always tempered by what is good for all members, rather than just a vocal few. The assertion above that member input is weighed is correct. A scan of the several forums having to do with site features will confirm that.

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last modified: 2007-12-13 09:10:44