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A: Here is one way to find a "first post".

Start your search in any forum. The important thing to note is using the search button located under the logout button didn't yield the proper screen.

In the subsequent screen, enter the "Joined" date in the search box because it shows up in all posts: 2001-03-26 then hit enter.

This takes you to the next screen, which may tell you there is no specific match.

You can customize this screen to add additional search criterion. Plug in a name for "username", change the forum to search in from "Canadian" to "All" for instance, and change "Topics only" to "All text" then clicke "Older to...1999".

If you're lucky, only one post will show up.

You can do the search again using the same method, only this time, when you receive that post as a result, click on the post and then select the thread the post was attached to (listed in the top right corner of the page) and find out even more about the post.
Thanks to Michael for this procedure.

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