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I noticed the last few days that after viewing an IM, if I go back to the forum via my favorites button, I am getting the same IM notification. Nothing's changed on my machine and its happened on multiple computers, so it isn't a local caching issue. If I click on the favorites button a 2nd time, the IM notification goes away.

If you see a flashing notification you think is OLD, then if you push REFRESH, does it go away? it does? in which case, you are seeing the cached page. If you push refresh (or click another link) and it vanishes, then it is not a server-side issue.

if I type 'news.yahoo.com' I get the old news page. If I refresh I get the new one. Its a browser problem, typed URLs do not seem to talk to the server at all if they can deal you an old page from the cache.


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last modified: 2004-04-03 22:50:43