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On my seemingly never ending quest to find the best cellular provider I once again stumble upon a new mobile phone, the Nokia 3300. There is actually two versions of this phone, one for the US GSM version which has a qwerty keyboard and supports GSM 850/1900, and a European/Asian model which looks more like the upcoming Nokia N-Gage and supports GSM 900/1800.

When first seeing pictures of the Nokia 3300 it appears to be huge and I was quite suprised when I saw it in person and how small it really is. This phone is an excellent deal as all the accessories it comes with.

-Phone in general: It has a very sturdy feel to it, which make it comfortable to use despite its odd shape.

-Screen: Excellent display at 4K colors, perfect size. Since it is the same size as other Nokia's there are tons of nice color wallpapers.

-Keypad: Phone has a qwerty keyboard which makes it handy for sending SMS's and also MMS's. The downside to this is the keyboard is not illuminated and therefore can't be seen int he dark, this also effects dialing numbers in the dark.

-Ringtones: Polyphonic is very nice, sounds much better than the old mono. Although this phone only has 24 cord tones, while most Nokia's are sporting 4-8 cord tones. My favorite option is the ability to have MP3's as your ringtone, no conversion required the Nokia 3300 supports them right out of the box.

-Memory: My phone shows about 6MB of internal memory being free, which is a lot for a phone, and to add on top of that you also get a 64MB MMC card. I believe the device supports up to a 512Mb MMC at this time.

-Features: This phone has a lot of extras which make it very nice, built-in FM radio and MP3 player, qwerty keyboard, expanadable memory, speakerphone, and includes accessories such as a boom headset, stereo headset for listening to the FM radio or MP3's, data cable for transferring files to and from the phone, and an audio cable for recording.

-Reception: Excellent, on par with my Nokia 3650 and seems better than the 6590i.

-Applications: Came installed with the a convertor with values already entered for such things as temperature conversions, length, and also currency.

-Overall: I like this phone a lot, it is GSM 850/1900 GPRS capable, a perfect phone that should last for quite awhile. I highly recommend it, it is not to small and not to big, with excellent rf and audio quality.

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last modified: 2003-09-26 14:34:55