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One of the benefits of using DC++ is the ability to switch the hub list that is downloaded. DC++ has the most secure and reliable hublists preconfigured by default. DC++ will only use one hub list at a time, but you can specify several in case one list goes down.

To use another hub list, open up File -> Settings -> Downloads. Click on Configure Public Hub Lists.  Paste in another hub list and click Add.  DC++ will try each hub list listed, starting with the one at the top.

Here is a list of popular hub lists in use today:

Public XML Hublists


Country Specific Hub lists
URL Notes
http://www.musu.lv/hublist.xml Latvian hubs
http://www.hublista.hu/hublist.xml.bz2 Hungarian hubs

If none of these work in DC++, try pasting a link into your browser.If a file does download, then you have some sort of firewall blocking DC++ specifically.  If nothing downloads, then a firewall is blocking all your internet traffic to that site or the list is down.


DC++ Changelog Related Entries:

0.800: Fix GUI problems in a download attempt of a public hublist with invalid address (emtee)
0.780: Blacklist rogue hub-lists (poy)
0.760: Remove obsolete default hublists (emtee); Drop support for non-xml hub lists; Improve hub list status messages (emtee)
0.709: Disallow fake connections to a few known hub list servers (poy)
0.706: Fixed parsing of non-XML hub lists (poy); Fix a few hub list download issues (thanks emtee)
0.704: Hub lists added to utilize Coral's distributed network (ullner); Fixed clicking in the header of the favorite hubs list view (poy)
0.700: [bug 1144] Added possibility to add many hub lists in one go (use ; as separator) (thanks poy)
0.699: [bug 1110] Added new adc hub list (thanks mafa_45); [bug 1091] Added new nmdc hub lists (thanks poy); [bug 446] Public hub lists are cached and downloaded only when user requests it (thanks poy)
0.695: Default hub lists updated
0.692: Added warning when someone tries to spam hublist.org or dcpp.net with your client
0.688: [bug 345] Fixed an xml listing parsing bug
0.685: Added advanced hublist filter (thanks trem)
0.667: Improved multiple hublist support (thanks garg)
0.4033:  Added (initial) support for hublist.org xml hublists
0.402:  Copy address to clipboard from public hub list (thanks joakim tosteberg)
0.305:  Really fixed hublist space trimming =).   Added accelerator for filtering in public hubs (thanks gargoyle)
0.304:  Fixed trimming of spaces for http downloads (hub list...)
0.26:  Default hub list now points to one that works
0.25:  Fixed public hub list mouse clicks and reopening (thanks todd)
0.241:  Fixed error reporting for hublist download
0.233:  Fixed another thing with hub lists being unnecessarily downloaded (thanks todd pederzani)
0.23:  Hublist is no longer loaded in the background by default when starting the application.  Fixed some proxy connection problems for the hublist (thanks Ondrea (or is it Ondra or Ondrej? =)).   Disabled automatic opening of the hublist.  
0.181:  Fixed a bug with bad hublist server names (empty ones, not starting with http://...)
0.174:  Fixed some minor hublist bugs
0.172:  Added support for bzip2-compressed hub list downloading
0.17:  Removed the public hublist multi-select feature
0.163:  Added public hublist filter.  Changed error messages in public hubs frame.   Added proxy support for downloading the hub list.  Fixed a crash when loading invalid hub lists
0.12:  Added right-button menu to Public Hubs
0.11:  Public hubs automatically appears on startup
0.03:  Hub list sorting.
0.01:  List hubs, connect to them and chat

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