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This is most often caused by a wrong setup of connection settings or a firewall blocking DC++. For detailed a detailed guide how to solve connectivity problems go to Help menu in DC++ and select Get started. You can also find the guide about how to unblock DC++ in various firewalls and other security software in the DC++ built-in Help (and is available online at http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/webhelp/faq_unblock.html)

Things you want to check in brief: Windows Firewall, 3rd Party Software firewall (Kerio, Norton Personal Firewall, Zone Alarm, Sygate, etc) or a router/NAT (this includes those connecting from a University or workplace).

To resolve this issue, there are several things one must check:

  • Disable the Windows firewall. Follow the first part of this guide to where it's located.
  • Setup rules in your software firewall to allow DC++ traffic through. Many guides can be found here.
  • Enable port forwarding on your router. Follow this FAQ on how to fix it.
  • Connect to hubs on non-standard ports, which can be found by looking through the public hub lists for those which have port numbers appended (i.e. myhub.kicks-ass.net:9821).
  • If you're connecting from a University or workplace, then read this FAQ. Often there is nothing you can do to make DC++ work.
  • Change to passive mode.

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