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Thanks to:
Basic AVI Playback Solutions for Mac OS X: Other Solutions
by Mikio Moriyasu c/o


I suspect an avi movie file I have is encoded for Windows only playback.

Link summary:
avi with Windows-only-codec = No playback, not possible at all.

A suggested PITA solution involves using a pc w/ Windows-version Adobe Premiere for exporting-conversion.


What about avis with Indeo avi codecs IV32, IV41, and IV50?

Link summary:
MPlayerOSX: IV32 = yes...but... IV41, IV50 = no.

However, OS 9 does have Indeo codecs for all three.
See the posted Indeo downloads (linked from Apple).


What about DivX, 3ivx Video and MP3 Audio?

Link summary:
avis with MP3 audio track not compatible w/ Quicktime.

Solution for OSX is MPlayerOSX or VideoLan VLC
(download links provided).

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