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Its a better phone than I expected.

The full access keyboard is easier to use than I would have imagined. The organization features are very useful and eliminates my need of a PDA. The FM radio eliminates my walkman needs during my daily commute. The internet access is nice but not a mandatory necessity. Reading news headlines and sending IM via the phone is convenient but not the main reason I got this phone.

The functionality and viewability of the phone is great. The GSM service from AT&T is good but there is room for improvement. Volume fades occasionally even when the signal is strong. Overall calls are really clear.

Unfortunately I have no real need to use the email capabilities but I know I have options if I ever need to use it. The infra-red connection to my laptop using the Nokia phone software works like a charm.

If you don't need a camera phone, I highly recommend this all-in-one phone.

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