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Unfortunately, yes. Well, in a sense.

You MAY get a virus through a hole in your email client or by opening/executing an attachment, just like you MAY get a virus through an MP3 player with a hole
in it or perhaps by clicking on a file you THOUGHT was an MP3. Computer
literacy and due diligence is required. Keep your MP3 player (and email
client) up-to-date to prevent things like this.

Various forms of malware can be hidden in a supposed MP3 file, including worms, viruses, and trojan horses. The numerous person-to-person file sharers are breeding grounds for these undesirables so it's rather important to know and become familiar with the warning signs:

•Distorted File Names
•Unusual File Sizes
•Multiple or strange file extensions (.exe)

A strong and frequently updated anti-virus program may be considered by some an absolute necessity these days. A good free one can be found by checking our security or software forums.
For additional information, visit the Security Forum.

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