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This Section
You will need to know:
smtp server: mail.dslr.net (port 25)
username: xxx@dslr.net
password: same as your site password
pop server: mail.dslr.net
Start up Mozilla and click the "Mail" icon in the lower left corner.

Click "Mail and Newsgroups Account Settings" under the "Edit" menu

Highlight "Outgoing server (SMTP)" and click on the "Advanced" button

Your current outgoing server will show up here. Click the "Add" button to input the DSLR server info.

Enter the information as show here and press "OK"

You should now see this. Press "OK" again.

You will now be back on the Settings screen. Press the "Add Account" button.

Select "Email account"

Enter your real name and your DSLR email address here and press "Next"

Choose "POP" as the type of server, and enter the name of the server as shown, then press "Next"

Now enter your DSLR Mail account name. Make sure the account name ends in @dslr.net or you will not be able to receive mail!

Now you will be asked to name the account. This can be anything you want, it doesn't matter.

After you press "Next", you will be asked to verify all the settings you entered. Press FINISH, and you will be back at the Settings screen once again.

Highlight "Server Settings" under the DSLR Mail (or whatever you named the account in the last step), and click on the "Advanced" button. (Note: you may need to drag the lower right hand corner of the window to make it bigger to find the Advanced button. This is a bug in Mozilla. See the picture).

When the "Advanced Account Settings" windows comes up, be sure to select "mail.dslr.net:25" from the drop down menu and press "OK".

You are now finished setting up your DSLR email account. Press "OK"...

and then click on "Get Msgs" to check for new mail in your DSLR Email account.

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