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This information taken from this post by Teaqm Helix Member rusdi who got it from http://folding.stanford.edu/faq.html#run.FreeBSD.

Yes. Please do the following:

Install emulators/linux_base from Freebsd CD.

Edit /compat/linux/etc/yp.conf and put the correct server in there.

Download the Linux folding console and cd to the directory.

% brandelf -t Linux FAH3Console

As of Version 3.24, all you have to do from here is specify the "-freeBSD" flag when you run the client,

% ./FAH3Console -freeBSD
and it will automatically brand the scientific cores it downloads. For clients prior 3.24, the -freeBSD flag is not supported and you have to do the following:

after starting the client, wait till it download the core than kill the fold job.

% brandelf -t Linux FahCore_65.exe

% ./FAH3Console

and you're done! (Thanks to "gotti" for the suggestion).

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