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Before starting this process, note that patience is an extremely important factor. You may not be able to get this done with one phone call, but be patient and you will get what you want.

First, Read this and do everything that it says. Call 310-SURF and go to technical support (not the billing office). Explain to the tech that your sync rate is not set properly and you wish to speak to a level two tech. The level one tech will have all sorts of silly questions and ask you to do dumb things like reset your modem or reboot your computer. Do them all. If the level one tech says to you that the change will be made in five business days or some other delay tactic, you can at this point request the tech's name and employee number and demand to speak to their supervisor because they are JERKING YOU AROUND. This does not take five business days to do, it can be done over the phone in one phone call.

If the level one does not give you the five day nonsense, eventually the level one tech will run out of stuff for you to try, and transfer you to a level two tech. The level two tech will ask you some more silly questions, and hopefully verify the sync rate is indeed set incorrectly.

Then the level two tech will transfer you to somebody at the High Speed Service Centre. This last person will be able to change the sync rate and/or turn interleaving on or off in a matter of seconds. The modem will briefly drop sync each time this happens. Insist that you want to be on fast path and NOT interleave if at all possible.

WARNING: If, in the opinion of the tech, your line does not qualify for an upgrade, you can insist that they try it anyway. If you choose to do this, the tech will ask you to agree that you waive your right to any future tech support on speed related issues. Once you do this, your account will be flagged and you will not be able to get any support for speed related issues on subsequent support calls.

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  • bell wont actually raise your speed most of the time they say ok we did it but nothing happens

    2011-06-27 09:03:20 (dcgm19 See Profile)

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