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  • Computer- A dedicated computer is ideal for greater stability.  A shared computer, which you use for daily tasks, also works but is not ideal because of more frequent computer reboots and the chance of crashes.

  • CPU- The speed of the computer is primarily dependent on the number of users you will host. You can get away with a Pentium III for a small hub and no scripts. Larger hubs (1000+ users) typically need a modern CPU to deal with the spikes and more complex scripts/plugins, etc.  A 2-3+ Ghz CPU should suffice.

  • Memory- Memory also scales with the user count and the operating system you use. 512 MiB is ok for a small hub (think 100 users), but once you get more users it's a VERY good idea to install more memory so the OS doesn't use the page file. Memory usage is also very  dependent on the hub software being used.  1-2 GiB should be enough for most hubs.

  • OS- The operating system you use is another important choice to make. Running a hub on Windows 9x would NOT be a good idea because, after several days, the memory usage of windows, the hub software and whatever else you are running would skyrocket due to the poor management of the Win9x OS. Also these OS'es aren't supported anymore (including W2k) so running them also poses high security risks. Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/2008 server or Linux are ideal because they all contain superior memory management, security and stability.

  • Network Connection - Yet another variable that depends heavily on the user count and slightly less on the hub software in use. Minimum, you need 128 kbps upload dedicated to a hub. If you share your server pipeline with DC++, then it's a good idea to use some sort of upload limiting on DC++. This is so the DC++ uploads don't saturate your upload pipe and lag your hub. Obviously, the more users you host, the larger the pipeline you'll need. You can safely host 100 - 200 users with any hub software on a dedicated 128kbps upload.  A 7000 user hub can consume even 5-7 MiB/s.

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