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Many people have Winsock troubles, and there are many possible fixes:

Some items that might tip a person off to having a Winsock problem might include opening Internet Explorer, and you get the following message:

"Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site . A connection with the server could not be established."

This FAQ is being broken down into two areas, one of which consist of Microsoft KB articles on fixing Winsock issues, and the other on a tool that as a last resort might fix your problem magically.

Microsoft Links:

Recent articles by Microsoft on Winsock support issues.
Support articles on Winsock

How to Restore the Winsock 1.x Configuration in Windows 98

Description of the WINSOCK.DLL File

Error Message Occurs When WinSocks Library or TCP/IP Are Damaged

Error Message When You Try to Connect to Network: An Operation Was Attempted on Something That Is Not a Socket

How to Reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in Windows XP

Error Messages When Running TCP/IP-Based Utilities or Programs

Winsock Proxy Client Causes Winsock Programs Not to Work


Other Fixes
  • There is a VB program created by someone that is hosted on shaw cable, that seems to magically fix most winsock errors all with a click on the button, the link to the tool is below, along with a link to a VB runtime add in should you need it: 12/1/04 - Site is down, link has been changed to download for Windows XP via snapfiles.com (MSeng)
  • One of our MVMs ( bcastner See Profile) has provided some detailed information for XP repair in this thread - Re: [XP] Fix TCP/IP stack.
  • And last, sometimes removing the NIC card drivers, as well as the TCP/IP protocol, then reinstalling the NIC drivers and TCP/IP protocol may fix the problem as well.

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