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Note: These instructions are for those running Microsoft Windows.

Updated Info: As suggested by user beach boy you can use wftrace.exe -- hit the "copy as text" button and paste it into your post. To use it in the command line, just put in the address (or IP) you are going to ping. For example, you could enter, or you could enter the IP address.

Another option is, which gives you a traceroute just as fast:

1. Open a command prompt or MS-DOS prompt window.

1a. If you are not sure how to do this, press the start button and select Run... to bring up the Run dialog box.
If you are running Windows 95 or 98, type dosprmpt in the Run dialog box, followed by the enter key.
If you are running Windows 2000 or XP, type cmd in the Run dialog box, followed by the enter key.

If the command prompt does not display in a window but takes up the full screen, hold down the ALT key and press the ENTER key. This will switch to windowed mode.

2. Run a traceroute by entering the command tracert followed by the ENTER key. Be patient as the traceroute may take a minute or two to complete. You'll know it's finished when you see the message "Trace complete." You can run a traceroute to any Internet site you wish by substituting the site name on the command line. Please keep in mind some sites may not respond to a trace at the end, but you will be able to see the route along the way to that site.

3. You may redirect the output to a text file, by using a command like this one:
(Thanks to one of our users for that suggestion)

Or you may use the more labor-intensive method of copying the text to the clipboard. In the upper left hand corner of the command prompt window, left-click on the icon to open the menu. From the "Edit" sub menu, use Select All (unless you would rather highlight only part, in which case you might want to use Mark).

4. Using the mouse, drag the selection box from one corner to the other of the text you wish to copy. Once you have selected the text, press the ENTER key to copy the text to the clipboard.

5. You can now paste the traceroute results into a forum post by pressing CTRL-V while you are creating a new post.

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