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Question: Can the ping packet size be configured for the Monitoring service? Apparently, Adelphia Powerlink configures their cablemodems to block ICMP pings of 92 bytes. Other packet sizes apparently pass. I've had the monitoring service active for a few weeks but can't get it to work because I can't seem to get pinged.

See below for quotes from the thread I posted:

»Powerlink: Why can't I ping my router anymore?

"And yes, ICMP pings of a size equal to 92 bytes are blocked for security reasons. It is not a coincidence wither that Windows pings with a packet size of 92 bytes either. You need to download a ping utility that allows the packet size to be changed in order for this to work."

"There is a workaround for this. You need to change the default value in which pings are comprised. When you ping, you send out packets that are 92 bytes in size. You need to change that, as that is the only workaround."

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