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Yes, indeed. The details and instructions are HERE if you want to write port forwarding rules. Thanks to MajorGrubert

There is an easier process below.

Note: On some 5200 versions you can just turn off the firewall (at your own slight to no risk - see below).

Updated Details: Even with the 5200 Firewall Off you will still be protected as it's not really Off, but it allows Ping and Tracert (Trace Route) to work. Use it when you run Tracert (Trace Route), Pings, Doctor Ping, Tweak Tester and Line Quality Tests by toggling it to Off and when finished, put it back on Low if you feel the need, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the results while Off.

Firewall and Tweak Test links to verify the information posted is correct.

Tweak Test Local at BBR
Port-scan Local at BBR
Slow Scan Local at BBR
GRC.com's ShieldsUP! Scan
Sygate Online Scans
Computer Cops Online Security Nmap Port Scanner {must register for free to use)
Free Online-Portscanner

Feel free to use any test site that you may know about also. :-)

Speedstream 5200 Firewall Instructions on how to turn it Off and still be protected.

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last modified: 2005-03-12 05:35:10