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  • My posts paging acting up again
As you can see from the two images, my Posts page shows NeoGeo64 as having the last post on the page. It lists the time as 7:03.

The image of the page shows differently. Yes, I understand that the anonymous post won't get listed as last on my page, but Techie2000's post *will*. Why isn't Techie's post listed as last ?? It seems to be ignoring him... Also note the time of NeoGeo's post from 'posts1.jpg' and the time of the anonymous post in 'posts2.jpg'.

Got it!
Thanks to your more detailed comments, I went and looked at the thread.

I think it's a mix of two oddities.

1. The "Last Poster" tag was applied as NeoGeo64 due to post watch - so he's the last poster even though Techie2000 last a post after him.

2. Then an anonymous poster came along. Anonymous posts do update the "Last Post" time, but do not show a poster identity. The previous one is left untouched.

Voila! You now have a "post time" for one person and a "posted by" for another.


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last modified: 2004-04-03 22:50:19