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These systems do not require a host computer running special software to communicate over satellite. The devices themselves run all the required software and communicate with your computer(s) via a standard Ethernet connection.


The DW4020 consists of three separate components tied together with cabling and plastic clips. The components are an IRU (Inside Receive Unit), and ITU (Inside Transmit Unit) and a gateway. The IRU and the ITU are the same that make up a DW4000. The difference is that instead of being connected to your computer via a USB cable, they are attached to the gateway via a USB cable. The gateway runs all of the software required to control the IRU and ITU. In addition the gateway provides 4 auto sensing/auto cascading Ethernet ports.
  • Auto-sensing means that the port will accept either type of Ethernet cable (both straight-through and crossover cables will work).
  • Auto-cascading means that any of the ports can be attached to a hub, a switch or another router to expand your network.

At the time of this writing, the DW4020 does not take full advantage of the DirecWay HPEP proxy servers, and therefore does not provide browsing as snappy as other solutions. You can improve the browsing on a DW4020 through browser tweaks that are described in the tweaks portion of this section. However, even with browser tweaks, the DW4020 is not as good at browsing as solutions that use the Proxy.

You will have several choices as to level of service with the DW4020, but all are considered business level services. You can get from one up to 13 unique static IPs and you can even get FAP-Free servicesfor a price.

DW6000 & DW7000, HN7000S

The DW6000/DW7000/HN7000s contain all components in a single unit, much like a cable or DSL modem. It has one auto-sensing, auto-cascading Ethernet port. You can connect the single port to a computer, or if you have a network it can be connected to an expansion device to allow connections to however many computers are on your network. Your choice of expansion device (hub, switch, router, or WAP) will depend upon which level of service you sign up for. There are currently two levels of service.
  • Consumer service comes with a non-unique IP that is the product of Network Address Translation (NAT). (See /faq/4052 for more information) This service will not be a good choice for anyone who intends to use Virtual Private Networking (VPN) or needs to access their computer or network externally from the Internet. It is a fine choice for the average Internet user who intends to use their connection for browsing, email, downloading or streaming media.
  • Professional service includes a single unique and Static IP. This service is best suited for those who have a need for an externally reachable IP address

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  • HN7000S systems do not seem to be mentioned much here. How do you set up a network using one? Is there any thing that can be done to improve download speed? Does a hardware router used with an HN7000S have a negative effect on download speed?

    2008-03-16 11:06:18

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