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The DW4000 t0 DW6000 upgrade is supposed to happen without a need to change your Site ID. If all goes smoothly, you will keep the same Site ID and your old email addresses will still work.

If for some reason, your Site ID changes in the upgrade process and you old Site ID is cancelled, your email will become inaccessable. This procedure will get your email back on line.


In order for you get your emails working again at you will have to get setup so you can access the myDIRECWAY webpage. If you have already gotten setup so that you can access the myDIRECWAY webpage you can skip this section and move on to section 2 on getting your email up and running again.

A) So the first thing you will need to do is follow this link to the myDIRECWAY webpage. » ··· ndex.jsp

B) Next you will need to click on please join, then another page will come up and you need to click on the DW6000 box.

C) On the next page you will need to enter the Site ID and your modems serial number. If dont already have this information I have provided a way for you get it.

a. You can get your site ID by accessing your DW6000s web interface. You can do this by typing in in your browsers address bar. Once you have accessed the web interface you need to click on the SYSTEM INFO tab at the top of the window on the right hand side. You will find the Site ID listed in the left hand box at the top of the list.

b. You can get the serial number from the same page as in the above paragraph; it will be in the same box third from the top. Make sure the serial number you use is only 7 characters. Dont use the complete serial number from the back of the modem, it wont work.

c. Now you just need to enter this info in the site id and serial number boxes on the registration page with the boxes for the site id and serial number.

d. If everything works like it supposed to the next page that will come up will ask you to enter a login name and password.

a. Now type in your login name and your password; once you have done this you need to move down to the box labeled E-MAIL.

b. What you need to do here at the email box, is to enter any email address that you have that is currently active but it cant end in! Use an email address like or that you have and is currently active. The reason you cant use your email is because it isnt working at this point.

E) If everything takes like it should it will tell you your registration has been successful. Now all you have to do is go back to the myDIRECWAY link » ··· ndex.jsp and you should be able to go to the myDIRECWAY page. You may have to login again, so make sure you save your login name and password!


A) Now that you can access the myDIRECWAY page. Your next step will be to setup your email accounts again. Now according to way I understand this you will be able to setup your accounts just the way they where before with the same email account names and passwords. Evidently your old email account names and passwords cant be used by anyone else for 4 to 6 months. This appears to be correct because I didnt have any problems setting up the email accounts again with the same account name and passwords that I had before.

B) You will need to go to the myDIRCEWAY page and click on email options in the HELP CENTER.

C) Next you will look for Email Accounts and click on Email Options.

D) Then Click on Create New Email Account.

E) Now you can enter in your previous (old) account name and your previous (old) password and do these steps for each of your previous email accounts.

F) Now you should be able to access your original email accounts that you had with your old DW4000 modems.


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