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Unlike the computer hosted systems like the DW4000, the DW6000 always uses the DirecWay "Turbo Page" proxy to enhance browsing performance, regardless of your browser proxy settings. However by enabling the proxy in your browser, you will gain the use of the DW6000's DNS caching capability that you would otherwise be missing. This capability can significantly improve the speed of browsing to sites you have visited previously. For this reason, we strongly recommend pointing your browser to the DW6000 proxy.


1. In all cases, the only protocol that should use the proxy is HTTP. Pointing any other protocols to the proxy will disable those protocols.

2. DirecWay 6000 Pro users: The instructions below assume that the address you are using for the DW6000 is This will work under the majority of circumstances unless you are using the "Pro" version of the DW6000 and the DW6000 is behind a router. Your router may not pass local addresses through the WAN port, in which case that address will not work. If that is the case, use the DirecWay IP of the DW6000. This IP address will be one less than the unique, static IP assigned to your network, and is the same address that your router is using for its default gateway. For example, if the static IP assigned to your network is, then the IP address for your DW6000 is Use that address as the proxy address and in the proxy exceptions list, instead of

For Internet Explorer:

In Internet Explorer, click on Tools => Internet Options => Connections => LAN Settings. See image below.

Click the LAN Settings button to open the LAN Settings screen. In the lower section, check the check box that says "use a proxy server for your LAN", and fill the check box for "bypass proxy server for local addresses". See image below.

Click the "Advanced" button which opens the "Proxy Settings" window. Under "HTTP:" enter and Port 87. The rest of the fields in this area should be left blank.
In the Exceptions box, enter the following: www.direcwaysupport.com;192.168.0.*
Use a semicolon between the two entries. See image below.

That's it - close out of all the windows, and close your browser. When you open your browser again your new settings should be in effect.

For Firebird, Netscape or other Mozilla based browsers :

Each browser has a slightly different user interface to set up proxy connections. However this method will work with any and all of the Mozilla-based browsers like Firebird, Netscape or Mozilla.

Type in about:config as the URL in your browser's address window.
Scroll down to network.proxy.http. Enter the LAN IP of your DW6000.
Next, scroll to network.proxy.http_port and enter 87.
Finally go to network.proxy.no_proxies_on and enter,www.direcwaysupport.com
See image below:

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