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Doctorping.exe is just a program -- no installer was necessary. You can remove it by simply deleting the file. If your Windows PC tells you the "file is busy" or you get some other error message, then quit the program first, or reboot if you are unsure how to find and quit programs.

Then, just delete the file. (Use Start .. Search .. doctorping.exe on your entire C: or whatever drive, if you have lost where you placed the program.) Last, select the icon using the RIGHT button and find DELETE on the menu that pops up.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Dr. Ping should be able to download a list of known good IPs to use for pinging, to eliminate the problem of "there are a few dozen unpingables". I had this result: "Sorry, 119 pings gave errors or timeouts. 63 from 103 IPs were reachable. - no record will be made". Overall the Line Quality test showed my test was good with 0% packet loss from the East and West coasts, so should I presume that Dr. Ping is really standing on rickety legs here? If so, what's the point? It would be so easy to improve it to eliminate this "stale IP list" problem.

    2010-04-22 10:51:19 (Igore See Profile)

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