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Many Command line uses like to setup aliases for a long or complex commands to save typing. This is especially helpful while a person is learning or if they are used to different commands that map into AIX commands. Frequently typed commands are good candidates.
If you type the ALIAS command is will show you your entire current alias

Ls= /usr/bin/ls f
Stop= kill stop
Suspend= kill stop $$
My files= ls /u/home/mystblade

To create an alias ls that replaces the ls command with a customized option,>>>>>>>>>type>>>>>alias ls= ls f<<<<<<<< on the Korn shell
To do the same on the C shell type >>>>>>>> Alias ls ls f (notice that the c shell does not like the equal sign)
Bourne shell does not support aliases

All in all if you wanted to, you could change all your commands from UNIX style to DOS style if you are more familiar with DOS, or something more unique of your own.

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