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1. At the command line invoke the 'DB2START' command. This will start db2 or if db2 is already started it will say the database manager is already active.
2. In order to stop the database, issue the 'DB2STOP' command.


1. If you try and start db2 and it says root does not have authority, then that is exactly what it means. You might have set up preference for root to have db2 authorities in the .profile file. In order to do this, you need to invoke the 'SMIT' command and go to 'USERS', then change/show user characteristics. Here you will find and see down the list Admin groups, this should be set to the same admin group that your db2 instance is setup for. Now that you set the group you would need to use the 'LOGOUT' command and log back in for the settings to take effect

2. Aother other problem happens when invoking the 'db2start' command and it just hangs and staying there forever. In this case shared memory has not been set for DB2 and shared memory is required for proper operation. To do this you would issue these commands and hit enter after every space (commands are CASE SENSITIVE):

WARNING: Make sure that DB2 is stopped BEFORE proceding!

2. export EXTSHM

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