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Alot of applications like WebSphere, Tivoli need graphic applications for installing and uninstalling. Rather than do silent installs another way is upon us if you have a command line terminal and a graphic monitor on the same network.
TO make this easy will will call CMD line terminal dummy terminal AIX/Server A
and the Graphic monitor AIX/Server B

1) on AIX/Server A you want to enter vi .profile on the command line. (I know there are other text edit programs this is just what I use) Once you are in, then you can add this line press i first to enter input mode "DISPLAY=IP ADDRESS:0.0" ***THE IP ADDRESS IS GOING TO BE THE IP OF AIX/SERVER B
2) Now save and logout by doing an ESC !wq
3) Now log off then back on SERVER A
4) Log on to Server B open up a Term window and enter this "xhost +"
5) This will disable any security so that Server A will connect to Server B when you run applications stated above on Server B screen


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