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Check and make sure you are burning as "Audio CD" format. Many older players cannot handle CDs burned in MP3 format regardless of type of disc they were burned to while newer car stereos should play CDs burned as MP3s. Additionally, many players cannot handle CD-RW discs. If you have one of those old players you must use CD-R discs.

If neither of the above is your problem, it may just be that the brand of CD-R disk you are using does not work well with your audio player. This happens sometimes and is quite normal. Try a different brand of type.

Another thing to try is to burn at a slower speed. Try burning a disk at 1x (rather than 2x or 6x or whatever speed your burner drive supports). Very often audio CD's burned at slower speeds will work in audio players while disks burned at higher speeds won't. It's been said that the laser encoding is somehow "clearer" when burning at slower speeds and this helps audio players, which often have a problem with home-burned CD's, to cope with the disks.

If your CD won't play at all, this probably isn't your problem but another tip is to try and record all your audio CD's in "disk at once" mode, meaning the whole disk is burned in one pass without turning off the laser. Audio players like disks burned like this better. If you burn the disk "track at a time" the laser is turned off between each track, and audio players often cannot find any track other than the first one on such disks. Although, if you just start them playing at the first track and leave them, they'll usually play all the way through fine.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I did all the above and I still can't play either CD-R or DVD-RW on my Yamaha CD player. Worked fine in windows XP but never got it to work in Wndows 7 media player.

    2015-03-13 11:17:31

  • Spent hours and hours trying to figure out why the cds would play on pc but not a cd player. Watched many videos on youtube with no help. Finally read this and figured out my burn speed was turned all the way up, turned it all the way down and now works. Thank you, thank you, thank you lol.

    2015-01-03 00:12:33

  • I had same problem at 16X, but recorded at 8X and it worked on my Sony Dream Machine. Thank you!!!!

    2014-12-09 22:29:37

  • Thanks, I recorded at the lowest and it played on an older unit. Thanks for the info

    2014-10-20 22:06:26

  • Thanks I changed setting to audio and picked up CDR'S HAD TO DO BOTH BUT LEFT THE SPEED UP, GUESS THE RADIO WASN'T THAT OLD

    2014-02-27 02:28:08

  • Tried all the above and still wont play! Did before but not anymore!! HELP!!

    2014-02-09 09:29:57

  • Problem solved I changed to a cd-r and lowered the speed. very happy bunny.

    2014-01-15 05:13:17

  • I had this problem, so I tried recording it at 16x instead of the fastest 40x, and it worked! I used the CD-R discs.

    2013-11-21 18:16:41

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