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If you would like to tell your DW6000 where it is in the world for ranging in a more accurate way then entering your zip code, here is the procedure. In order to do this you will need to know the latitude and longitude of your dish location in degrees and minutes.

Note: In the example below we are using as the address to connect to the DW6000. For some Pro service users with a static IP and using a router that can't reach their DW6000 using the address, you will need to use the address that is one less than your static IP. This would be the same address your router is using as its default gateway. If your static IP is then the address you would use to connect to the DW6000 is

Please keep in mind that you are writing a complete new parameter set to the DW6000 when you do this. If you change something you shouldn't, like something not listed here, your DW6000 will no longer work, although you should be able to get it back the way it was by re-running Satellite Based Commissioning. That being said, this does work and won't break anything if you follow the instructions.

From a command prompt, type "telnet 1953" without the quotes. At the telnet prompt, enter the following keystrokes, where [enter] means hit your return or enter key and [\] means hit the backslash key, etc.

1. [enter]

2. [a] [enter]

3. [enter] 3 times

4. Enter your longitude degrees then [enter]

5. Enter your longitude minutes then [enter]

6. Enter [1] for western hemisphere then [enter]

7. Enter your latitude degrees then [enter]

8. Enter your latitude minutes then [enter]

9. Enter [2] for northern hemisphere then [enter]

10. [\] [enter]

11. [pw] [enter] [y] [enter](If you are sure!)

12. [i] [enter]

13. [enter] 2 times

14. [d] [enter]

Wait for ranging to finish. When ranging is done, you will see the message "[NORANGE_REQD] Transmitter ready. TX code 8"

15. [enter]

16. [z] [enter] [z] [enter]

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last modified: 2005-12-11 19:39:53