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First and most important you cannot run dual service!!! This means you cannot have the phone at your old location connected at the same time as your new location

Since Late November SBC has started a new process of transferring DSL service. You will no longer have to wait for a disconnection at your old location, change your phone number to make the process quicker, merge your accounts or calling billing for out of service adjustments (dont believe me?? think its impossible? I had my doubts as well.. thats why it took me so long to make this post ) Anyhow..

Once you have established your orders for transfer of service with the telephone company.. Note: These orders must be within the same region.. you qualify if the order numbers the telephone company gives you start with the letters F/T

Ask to be transferred to the EPC to "transfer your DSL" Note here there are alot of new EPC reps out there as of lately... make sure they understand that you want to transfer service..

An order for switching your service will go according to this time line:

IF your POTS orders are due on the same day the DSL will disconnect on the first day at the old location then reestablish 4 business days later.. IE today is Monday your orders are scheduled for today.. your DSL should be reconnected Friday

If your POTS orders are due say today (Monday) for disconnection and Reconnection on Tuesday Next week then your DSL will be reconnected on Wednesday Next week..

If your POTS orders are due say disconnect today (Monday) and connecting Wednesday (this week) then your DSL will be reconnected Tuesday next week..

Your accounts should deactivate and reactivate in billing/tech support records on their own (believe it or not I have seen it work)

Thank you only me!

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