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This feature, available only to premium members, permits you to customize the display of information that appears at the left side of posts on the site. It is a feature that encourages tinkering in order to arrive at what you like best.

Note: You can always easily revert to the original view by returning to the page indicated below and simply removing all entries.

To start, go here (click to enlarge) :

Click for full size

Click for full size

In the next screen:

You can use any of the options in the left menu and just copy them into the large field. HTML is your friend here. You will probably want to use the %lt;small> tag, at least and the BR> tag to put your selected items on separate lines.

Example, with one of several results right below it:

Another example, by user Zupe:

Based upon this coding:

More stuff added: »[request] How I see People ideas

For additional information and discussion about this feature, see the following thread where it was first announced and explored:

»[request] I quite like this one

Another source of information, which is a library of posts on this subject:

»"I See People" feature (Examples & Tips)

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