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Yes! This is how to run Seti as a Scheduled Task in Windows XP:

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks > Add Scheduled Task >

2. The Wizard GUI will come up. Click > Next > Browse > Look for the .exe you want to run: i.e.:

setiathome3.03.i386winntcmdline.exe or

SetiSpy.exe or

SETI Driver.exe

(You can run all at the same time as well, following the same steps for each .exe).

3. Click "Open" > (follow the wizard directions and enter your regular Windows login password >

4. When it asks if you want to review "Advanced Settings" (or anything similarly worded) after the Wizard finishes, check "Yes."

5. Open the "Schedule" tab >

6. In the Scheduled Tasks drop down window > choose "At System Startup" > click "Apply" >

7. Open the "Settings" tab > UNCHECK "Stop the task if it runs for ..." > click "Apply."

8. Uncheck everything under the "Settings" tab except under "Power Management."

9. There should be checks next to "Don't start the task ... batteries" and "Stop the task ... batteries."

10. Click OK and you are on your way. Seti takes over from there, and will start running as soon as you reboot.

11. To open SETI Driver or SetiSpy, go to Start > Explore > and locate the .exe. Click on it, and you will be able to see your progress from there.

For a more detailed tutorial, including pictures, please see this thread: /forum/remark,2843724~mode=flat

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